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Emerging Leaders Committee

The Emerging Leaders Committee engages students and early career professionals. They represent the breadth and variety of the public health field in CPHA's effort to educate, develop and galvanize the Colorado public health community. The Emerging Leaders Committee is a great stepping stone into the public health workforce of Colorado. We encourage you to learn more about the Emerging Leaders Committee!

Students and early career professionals are provided with leadership opportunities to ensure that their voices are integrated into all aspects of CPHA. First and foremost, we invite you to join our email list to stay in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities.

What does an average committee meeting look like?
The Emerging Leaders Committee meets over a video call on the first Monday of every month. The meetings are facilitated by the Director, Associate Director, and the Executive Delegate. Every meeting begins with an icebreaker and breakout rooms where committee members have an opportunity to engage with different members. Our delegates then provide 2-3 minute updates about their respective committees. The facilitators provide any other updates including information about upcoming events and offer projects that they could use assistance on. The ELC also ensures that all committee members have a chance to speak, ask questions, and make any announcements that they feel are applicable to ELC. 

Meet the Directors

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