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Annual Report

At the Colorado Public Health Association, we believe in transparency, which is reflected in our annual report. We are committed to providing our members and the public with a detailed account of our activities, achievements, and financials for the year. We are proud of the progress we have made in promoting public health and look forward to continuing our efforts.

Annual Report 2022

2022 annual report.png

It has been an historic year for the Colorado Public Health Association as the following pages will attest. In 2021, as we faced down rampant misinformation and disinformation campaigns, anti-public health movements, political polarization, and the parallel pandemics of COVID-19 and endemic racism, I declared that Colorado needed an empowered, unified, and mobilized public health more than ever and CPHA has answered that call...

Annual Report 2022

2021 annual report.png

Much has transpired in the past year that will leave us, our nation, and world, forever changed. We are still reeling from the impacts of a global pandemic, endemic racism, rampant disinformation, political polarization, and a backlash against our profession. Much was asked of our workforce and we courageously answered the call; but not without cost. Public health professionals are experiencing higher rates of exhaustion, despair, and mental health decline than ever before...

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