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Policy Committee

CPHA's Public Health Policy Committee is chaired by the elected Public Health Policy Director, who initiates the policy and legislative activities of the Association.  An Associate Public Health Policy Director is elected at the Annual Association Business Meeting and receives one year of membership and support before assuming the role of Public Health Policy Director for one year.

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Assisted by CPHA's legislative contractor, the Public Policy Director and the Committee:

  • Identify public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues of importance to the Board of Directors, the Committees, and the Membership;

  • Develop an annual legislative agenda;

  • Advise the Board on legislative, regulatory, and policy matters;

  • Establish and enact policies for determining CPHA levels of support and action protocols for public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues;

  • Identify and promote opportunities for collaboration with other public health partners on projects such as advocacy training, development of public health-related legislative, regulatory and policy issues;

  • Encourage information dissemination concerning legislation, regulations, and policies of importance in local, state and national levels through the newsletter and/or other media to the membership.

Current Policy Platform

CPHA's Policy Platform is developed through input from the annual advocacy membership survey in alignment with the organization's strategic plan, and approved by the Board of Directors. As policy opportunities arise in 2023, we will actively prioritize policies that promote the healthiest Colorado, dismantle structural racism and eliminate health disparities.

Our Top Priorities

Mental Health & Substance Use

prioritizing mental health and well-being

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our future in Colorado depends on it

housing icon.png

safe, affordable, and stable housing options

Public Health Workforce
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diversify the workforce by supporting health workers and doulas

Our Approach

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Action Alerts
& Letters
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Public Health Advocacy Day at the Capital
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Testifying in Committees
What does an average committee meeting look like?
During meetings we discuss upcoming professional development events and bill positions with our lobbyist. We frequently have guest presentations from coalitions working on upcoming bills or ballot issues.

Meet the Directors

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