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Public Health in the Rockies Committee

The purpose of the Public Health in the Rockies (PHiR) conference is to provide an opportunity for education, networking and skill development of professionals in Colorado and neighboring regions.  PHiR is designed to build a more competent public health workforce who will continue to build health equity across the state.

Our Annual

Public Health in the Rockies

Keystone Resort & Conference Center | Colorado

2023: Public Health: Community, Connection & Action

2022: “Forging Forward Together.”

2021: “Public Health H.E.R.O.E.S.: Health. Equity. Resiliency. Outcomes. Engagement. Safety."

2020: “Health at All Altitudes: Health for all. Action for all

2019: “Equity and Social Justice: Innovation at Elevation”


The goals of the conference are to:

  1. Provide a forum for public health professionals to develop new skills, demonstrate best practices, exchange lessons learned, share current research and discover valuable resources.

  2. Offer a multi-disciplinary conference program that encompasses the broad aspects of public health.

  3. Stimulate innovation in public health practice.

  4. Promote awareness around Colorado’s adoption of the Public Health 3.0 and Foundational Public Health Services models.

  5. Provide a meeting, discussion and networking opportunity for CPHA members, other public health interest groups, special interest groups, and new and non-traditional public health partners.

What does an average committee meeting look like?
The meetings have an agenda that is sent ahead of time and normally consist of updates from sub-committees and making decisions about various aspects of the conference (e.g. determining the keynote speaker, discussing the theme, etc.)

Join the PHiR Committee

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