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Health Equity Coalition

The CPHA Health Equity Coalition's mission is to advance health equity and justice in Colorado through education, community engagement, advocacy, coordinated efforts, leadership development and innovative cross sector solutions.

The Health Equity Coalition was founded to help advance community centered work, equity in systems and advancement of equitable learning and practices within in the public health field. The Coalition started in 2017 is comprised of all interested individuals regardless of profession, CPHA membership standing or other. The key element of membership within the Coalition is passion for equity and a desire to work together to build a shared space. Today, four years into the Coalitions establishment, we have come along way in structuring ourselves intentionally, engaging in and creating equitable offerings for the community and advising CPHA at large on implementing equitable strategies and Anti-racist work.

What we stand for: The Coalition stands for justice. We stand for creating processes of governance that work for and with all people. We aim to continually and deliberately evolve in equitable practices. We are committed to and recognizing, naming repairing and re-designing the systems we operate in because we know that their origins are tied to supremacy. 

What is Health Equity?

We welcome your financial support to continue to advance community centered health equity work, equity in system and advancement of equitable learning.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about our current goals, opportunities, and workgroups.
What does an average committee meeting look like?
We gather using The Circle Way to explore the current challenges and barriers of health equity work and vision what may be possible to create clear action steps forward. As a full coalition, we gather 6 times in a year with workgroups gathering more regularly based on their goals and capacity. We also offer a relationship focused retreat typically in the spring season.

Meet the Directors

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