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Health Equity Coalition

Image by The Jopwell Collection


  •  Further establish governing practices and establishment

  • Practice equity work with each other through intentional design in our work and practice

  • Implement role work

 What do we provide for each other?

Equity in Practice.

These items are woven into how we do business and also have intentionally carved out spaces to implement and focus on these needs.

  • Go deeper with the circle way, build a more inclusive space

  • Establish ways to relationship build

  • Hold space for deeper conversations held with trust

  • Ensure racism and historical context to race is foundational to practice and feeding into how we advance our work

  • Ensure we create practices to hear from BIPOC- including recognition of the weight that it takes for POC to carry DEI work

  • Role work

  • How do we hold accountability for the “Equity in practice”

  • Make sure it’s not just BIPOC folks not being the ones doing the groundwork


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