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Public Health Policy Delegate

Brenna Combs

University of Colorado Department of OB/GYN - Division of Family Planning

Student Research Assistant

Brenna (she/her) is a research assistant with the Colorado University Family Planning research team and a master’s degree candidate at the Colorado School of Public Health. With a concentration in Health Systems, Management, and Policy, Brenna is looking forward to integrating these studies into her role as an ELC Delegate. She is committed to working with policy to maximize social justice, lessen health inequities, and promote overall well-being in our communities.

After graduating with a BA in Sociology from the University of Vermont in 2019, Brenna has worked in various public health settings, including community health centers, state hospitals, and the Vermont Public Health Association. After being a member of the VtPHA and APHA for the past three years, Brenna is excited to now join the CPHA and public health community in Colorado.

Brenna Combs
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