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Junta Directiva

Nuestro equipo de liderazgo capacitado, que proviene de una amplia variedad de antecedentes y experiencias, es la columna vertebral de CPHA. Sus ideas ayudan a dar forma a la dirección y la misión de nuestro movimiento a medida que continúa desarrollándose.

Image by Logan Bonjean
Wivine Ngongo

Wivine’s professional background is in medical and public health research, health programs management, community engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives...

Sara Miller

Through my work with Otowi Group (, I am engaged in partnership with local, state and federal organizations to enhance and build their work and achieve their…

Lorez Meinhold
Policy Seat

Lorez is the founding Executive Director of Caring for Denver Foundation, funded by Denver and created by voters in 2018 to help address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse…

Patrick Fiore
Rural/Frontier Seat

Patrick is a public servant who has been working for the Custer County Public Health Agency since February 2020. His work focuses on addressing the opioid epidemic locally...

Samantha Bertomen

Samantha has over five years in the field of public health and currently works as a project manager with Otowi Group where she has worked for the past two years. Samantha has been an active member of CPHA

Jessica Murison

Jessica has cultivated a distinguished global career, engaging in pivotal work evaluating hospitals and clinics, overseeing the procurement of medical equipment, orchestrating training programs, and spearheading initiatives in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector...

Dawn James
Public Health Nursing Seat

Dawn James received her undergraduate nursing degree in 1997 and her Master’s Degree in Nursing in 2006 from the University of Northern Colorado.  She is an alumnus of the Regional…

Juan Vazquez
At-Large Member

Juan Vazquez currently serves as the Baby & You Program Analyst with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). In his role, he assists with

Meladie Lowe
Health Equity Officer

Meladie uses She/Her pronouns and has a Master’s in Social Work. She has demonstrated servant leadership for over 14 years, with experience in clinical therapy...

Montelle Taméz
Associate Representative to the Governing Council

Montelle Taméz is the Deputy Director of Community Engagement & Health Equity at the University of Colorado’s Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI) where she co-leads

Hridith Sudev
Emerging Leader Seat

Hridith Sudev is a public health scientist, writer, poet, and community organizer. Born in India and raised in Oman, Sudev migrated to the United States in 2018 to pursue higher education in Denver

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