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2024 CPHA Culture of Data In-Person and Virtual Conference

April 17-19, 2024

Conference Objectives

The Culture of Data conference brings together community groups, academia, local and state government, healthcare entities, and nonprofit organizations that share a goal of achieving health equity. The Culture of Data conference is designed to strengthen the use of data to support the CPHA vision of creating the healthiest Colorado for everyone by:

  • Sharing innovative practices that promote partnership and collaboration between community members and public health professionals to make data more accessible, meaningful, and actionable.

  • Exploring examples of data sharing with and by communities and how communities can leverage data to advance health equity and health outcomes. 

  • Highlighting data sources and methodologies to identify and measure community assets and health equity.

2023 Conference Theme

Breaking Down Silos: Public Health Data and Community Action

Data can be a powerful advocacy tool for communities.  Community engagement in data collection, analysis, and dissemination enhances buy-in, commitment, sustainability and equity to the work at hand.  Additionally, community involvement in the data lifecycle accurately diagnoses the problem, which drives effective actions.  Our public health data systems have been built to monitor population health and describe health disparities in a siloed manner, often excluding community voice. There is, however, a growing desire to dismantle these silos between public health data systems and the community and for our data systems to better serve the public. 

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