Emerging Leaders Committee


  • It's true - we NEED you!
  • A great steppingstone into the public health workforce in Colorado
  • Community of other undergraduate students, graduate students or early career professionals that understand the pressures of higher education and new careers
  • Agile committee with the opportunity to plug into all parts of CPHA
  • Leadership and networking opportunities built in!  CPHA Committee directors and associate directors need the help and have agreed to leadership roles for Delegates
  • Opportunity to address public health issues such as systemic racism and police brutality through education, community engagement and advocacy
  • Commitment to Public Health Certificate presented at PHiR


Organizational Structure 

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The Emerging Leaders Committee engages students (undergraduate and graduate) and early career professionals. They represent the breadth and variety of the public health field in CPHA’s effort to educate, develop and galvanize the Colorado public health community. The Emerging Leaders Committee is a great steppingstone into the public health workforce in Colorado.

The ELC is composed of the ELC Director, ELC Associate Director and 5 ELC Delegates:

  • Health Equity Delegate
  • Public Health Policy Delegate
  • Public Health Education Delegate
  • Communications Delegate
  • Membership Delegate

ELC empowers the new or transitioning public health professional’s involvement in the CPHA Board through the Director and Associate Director positions. Delegates engage in CPHA through its 5 main committees in leadership roles to ensure that the new public health professional voice is integrated into all aspects of CPHA. At the end of the one-year term, Delegates receive a Commitment to Public Health Certificate signed by the CPHA President. The overall purpose of the Delegate position is to provide a solid exposure to the multi-faceted nature of public health.

Interested in being a Delegate?  Send in an interest survey by June 30th to receive an application.

As an ELC Delegate, you will:

  • Represent the Emerging Leader voice on respective CPHA committees
  • Bring back relevant information to bi-monthly meetings to inform and galvanize members
  • Coordinate and plan events during National Public Health Week and Public Health in the Rockies Conference
  • Receive a Commitment to Public Health Certificate endorsed by the CPHA President

Students and early career professionals who cannot commit to a one-year term as a Delegate are ABSOLUTELY WELCOME! We encourage people to get involved in order to continue the committee in a sustainable way.

 As an ELC Member, you will:

  • Have central, human access to information about CPHA activities during bi-monthly ELC meetings
  • Collaborate on any project or event that you feel will provide opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills
  • Connect and network to create a public health community that is diverse, inclusive, multi disciplined
  • Access the student scholarship program created to facilitate attendance at the Public Health in the Rockies Conference
  • Receive member discount rate for Public Health in the Rockies Conference

Emerging Leaders Activities

Emerging Leaders can be involved in various events throughout the year! Delegates and Members can:

  • Plan or attend Public Health Day at the Capitol to learn how to advocate for public health issues
  • Mingle with CPHA Past Presidents’ during the Past Presidents’ Breakfast
  • Give a Public Health Advocacy Talk (PHATalks) to introduce new ideas, insights
  • Help with any and all aspects of conference planning for Culture of Data or Public Health in the Rockies
  • Table at Colorado School of Public Health events
  • Take over social media to “SHOW” what public health looks like
  • Help organize the Explore Public Health program, an intensive leadership program designed for people of color ages 18-25
  • Promote the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program
  • Host or attend monthly educational and social networking events such as Pulse Checks, webinars, etc.

 Essential Activities

 Essential Programs

Emerging Leaders Resources 

Undergraduates, graduate students and early career professionals can get involved in a variety of professional and social opportunities. Here’s how:

1. Become a CPHA member!
2. Become a CPHA Board Emerging Leader Associate Director for 2020-2021
3. Become an Emerging Leaders Delegate
4. Join Emerging Leaders bi-monthly meetings as a CPHA member
5. Apply to the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program
6. Apply to the Explore Public Health Program

 2020-2021 Emerging Leaders Committee Leadership:

Nalleli Ramirez-Salinas - Director
Mattie Cassaday - Public Policy Delegate
Kathy Pang - Membership Delegate
Bethelhem Shiferaw - Communications Delegate
Erin Mercado - Public Health Equity Delegate
Veronika Hanna - Public Health Education Delegate