CPHA Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Since 1938, CPHA has strived to achieve our mission to “educate, develop, and galvanize the Colorado public health community.” As we continue to do so, we find ourselves facing down the formidable challenges of a global pandemic, endemic racism, misinformation campaigns, political polarization, and unprecedented anti-public health efforts. As such, Colorado has never needed an empowered, unified, and mobilized public health movement more than right now.

I would like to extend a personal invitation to become a part of that movement. The continued success of CPHA as a champion for Colorado public health and our communities is wholly contingent upon the engagement and generous support of our members and sponsors. Simply put, our success requires people power; and people power requires YOU. I thank you in advance for your investment in promoting health, justice, equity, and the manifestation of our vision to “create the healthiest Colorado for everyone.”

Jason Vitello, President, CPHA Board of Directors

Check out our sponsorship packet here!

Interested in supporting CPHA? Please contact us at [email protected].