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Emerging Leaders Committee January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year Emerging Leaders! The Colorado Public Health Association's Emerging Leaders Committee is proud to announce the 1st edition of our monthly newsletter. Be on the lookout every month for exciting updates, events, and news from ELC!

 APHA Conference Review

By Jared Schenfeldt 

Colorado Sc​hool of Public Health MPH Student | 2022-2023 ELC Delegate

What, if anything, did you learn during the APHA Conference that you plan to apply to your future career? 

The APHA conference was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about occupational health, my own field of interest. In the main auditorium, there were posters rotated throughout the conference that displayed research relevant to all domains of public health. My favorite poster focused on a research study among first responders dealing with the overdose crisis, and its mental health implications and lack of occupational reparations. The authors discussed solutions for mental health in the workplace through achieving work life balance. This is well aligned with my own personal desire to prevent burn-out in workers, and I may find myself incorporating aspects of this research project to aid this effort. 

Tell us about your favorite session. What did you learn and why did you enjoy it? 

My favorite session was “What’s at Stake When Public Health Aligns with (or Undermines) “Radical” Social Justice Movements”. This Key event, one of the big events of the APHA conference that are hosted in a large ballroom with 1000s of seats, included multiple keynote speakers with reputable and diverse backgrounds and skill sets. The presentation was a discussion regarding health equity and social justice, the “backlash” narratives that often arise following situations related to racial justice, and how the field of public health can transform the narrative to elevate the social justice movement going forward. Eye-opening and inspirational, I found that this presentation emboldened my desire for social justice promotion.

As a student, why do you think students should attend? What are the benefits? 

For other students, benefits of attending this conference mainly boil down to increased knowledge and opportunities for connection. The APHA conference gives students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of their specific public health domain and to broaden their expertise through connections with other related domains. Students can witness many successful experts and communicate with them directly to understand how they fit into the world of public health professionals. Students can also network, developing connections with many individuals within their desired career path, creating opportunities for their future.  The conference involves many social events, presentations, and poster/booth interactions to give students many opportunities to step away from the conference feeling better educated and connected. 

Are there any tips you have in regards to attending the conference? (i.e. attend all the main sessions, don’t forget to take breaks, etc.) 

Make sure to make your itinerary on the APHA website. This allows you to ‘favorite’ each event you are interested in attending and creates a customized schedule for you including the time and location of events. Then, I recommend trying to attend any key events you want, while remaining flexible with the rest of the events. Plan to take at least a couple hours to just explore the facility freely and broaden your horizons. If you do not enjoy a presentation or poster/booth you are visiting, keep in mind that there are many alternatives. Lastly, take occasional chill breaks to make the conference more manageable and to conserve your energy to make the most of this experience.

Do you feel like APHA is an opportunity to build your network? 

The APHA conference brings together experts with diverse backgrounds in public health. There are opportunities for many connections to be made, both personally and professionally. With this, an attendee would be hard-pressed to not build their network in the face of so much opportunity. As mentioned previously, the main arboretum is filled with posters of research, as well as many booths where representatives from businesses and colleges are located. These individuals are ready to answer questions and discuss opportunities. It is casual and light-hearted, inviting attendees to walk over, introduce themselves, show an interest in anothers’ work, request business cards, or ask about available opportunities. 

What advice would you give to students who are interested in attending APHA next year?

Have a great time and focus on exploration and learning above all. There is so much to do and learn, so remember to take it easy and be okay missing out on a good deal of events. Try to not be intimidated by the expertise of all the amazing individuals. Remember to be humble, yet assertive to get what you want out of this amazing opportunity. This is one of the largest public health conferences in the world and there is nothing quite like it. If you have the wherewithal to go to this conference, you will be amazed with all that it has to offer.

Emerging Leaders Spotlight - Call For Nominations!

The CPHA Emerging Leaders Committee is seeking nominations for our Emerging Leaders Spotlight!  

  • Who is an ‘Emerging Leader’?

    • The term ‘Emerging Leader’ includes students (undergraduate and graduate) and early career professionals.

  • Who should I nominate?

    • Qualified candidates should have significantly contributed efforts that advance or promote the field of public health within (but not limited to) their community, work, school, and/or research.

To nominate an individual: Emerging Leader Spotlight

 Emerging Leaders Spotlight

Abstract Workshop

  • Date + Time: January 11, 2023 from 12-1pm

  • Location: Zoom

  • Description: Looking to submit an abstract to the Culture of Data “Emerging Leaders Showcase” but would like further guidance? Attend this workshop!

2023 Abstract Workshop
Culture of Data “Emerging Leaders Showcase”
    • Date + Time: Abstracts due January 23 at 4:59PM 

    • Application: 2023 Abstract Submission Form: Emerging Leader Showcase

    • Description: Submit an abstract for the Emerging Leader Showcase at Culture of Data 2023! Presentations will be 10-12 minutes long with time for questions after. 

    • Who should apply: Early career professionals who have been practicing in the field for less than 5 years or students (undergrad or graduate). First-time presenters are encouraged to apply!  

Emerging Leaders Showcase