The Emerging Leaders Committee is excited to announce that the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is back! We are offering a mentorship program on a rolling basis that is offered to all Emerging Leaders. We want to contribute to an ENGAGED, CONNECTED, and COMPETENT public health workforce in Colorado that effectively prevents, promotes and protects the health of Coloradans. 



To provide opportunities for mentors to enrich their contributions to public health and further develop as leaders



To enhance the professional development of the public health mentee


strengthenTo strengthen the public health professional workforce network in Colorado



 The integrity and nature of the mentoring program is specifically important to the Emerging Leaders Committee. This is why it is important to note that mentoring is NOT a "quick fix," a casual arrangement, therapy, a job search, or a one way street. Mentoring is a valuable relationship where both the mentor and mentee develop skillsets, build a friendship, and deepen the Colorado public health community. It is a process by which one assists another in clarifying professional goals and creating an action plan to achieve those goals. 


Our goal is to create a program that skillfully matches mentees with mentors where both individuals are able to learn and thrive. Due to this, our program will create matches on a rolling basis, all year round. We invite you to fill out a MENTEE application or recommendation form, launching on February 4th. We encourage you to deeply think about your answers so we can best match you to a mentor. We also encourage you to take the StrengthsFinder personality test so your mentor can provide you advantageous feedback - here is a similar test that is offered for free.



After reviewing mentee applications, we will open applications for MENTORS. It is important to show interest and commitment so your mentee receives the best feedback. Due to the influx of mentee applications and recommendations, we are accepting MENTOR recommendations continuously. Please email the ELC director, Lisa Peters, at [email protected] to sign up for being a MENTOR.