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Announcing: The 500 Cities Project Interactive Website

We are excited to announce the launch of the interactive website for the 500 Cities Project.  This public, interactive website allows users to retrieve, view, and explore uniformly-defined selected city and census tract-level data for the largest 500 US cities for conditions, behaviors, and risk factors that have a substantial impact on population health. The interactive mapping application also enables users to zoom in to their neighborhood and explore their local data in the larger context of their city. 

The release of the interactive web application complements the early December release of the project map books and data. The project represents the first-of-its kind data analysis for the 500 largest American cities, and the census tracts within these cities, to identify, analyze, and report data for 27 chronic disease measures.

Until now, no data have been made available on a large scale for cities and small areas within

cities.  High quality small area estimation data from the 500 Cities Project will help inform the development and implementation of effective and targeted public health prevention activities, identification of emerging health problems, and establishment and monitoring of health

objectives in many of America's cities. 

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