Frontline Public Affairs Update: 4/12/17

Your Frontline Public Affairs team worked hard on the Long Bill over the last two weeks as it moved through the House and the Senate, including a few late nights. We monitor all amendments and discussions that impact our clients’ interests. This year, we were proud to lead an effort to add $8 million in Marijuana Tax Cash Fund (MTCF) for community-based substance use disorder (SUD) services based on the SB16-202 Community Action Plans that prioritized high need services. This amendment passed the House and we continue to work to make sure the funds remain in the final budget package. We are also proud of our coalition efforts to pass amendments to restore federal funding for Connect for Health Colorado and marijuana funds for the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS), as well as to add $16.3 million in funding for behavioral health supportive housing efforts proposed by the Governor. We look forward to continuing to work to keep these amendments in the Long Bill as the Joint Budget Committee continues their deliberations. We watched a few other amendments that are of interest to our clients, including increased Medicaid reimbursement for emergency and non-emergency transportation and a $1.5 million increase for Tony Grampsas Youth Services.

Long Bill summary outlining these and other amendments of interest.