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The ELC CORE COHORT empowers new or transitioning public health professional's involvement in the CPHA. Delegates engage in CPHA through its 6 main committees in leadership roles to ensure that the new public health professional voice is integrated into all aspects of CPHA. The overall purpose of the Delegate position is to take a combination of approaches in giving early career professionals, nontraditional public health workers, and students solid exposure to the multi-faceted nature of public health. The 2021-2022 Delegates have been selected.

We invite you to apply to become a Core Cohort Delegate! We also encourage you to learn more about your current Emerging Leaders Committee. After a review of applications, if you have been selected, we will invite you to an informational meeting before making final decisions. Please carefully read the description and responsibilities of each Delegate below, and reach out to the Senior Director, Lisa Peters at [email protected], if you have any additional questions. 

There are currently 2 director positions and 6 delegates that support the purpose of the ELC. All term limits are one year, with the exception of the Associate Director who will serve one year and then assume the position of Senior Director for a second year. All delegates are obligated to fulfill their term length, attend monthly committee meetings and honor the vision and mission of the CPHA. Delegates are liaisons between the ELC and other CPHA committees (Health Equity Coalition, Public Health Policy Committee, Communications Committee, Public Health Education Committee, Finance Committee, and Membership Committee). Additionally, each delegate is obligated to assist other ELC officers and proactively communicate with their corresponding committee beyond the ELC. 

As an ELC Delegate, you will:

  • Represent the Emerging Leader voice on respective CPHA committees
  • Bring back relevant information to bi-monthly meetings to inform and galvanize members
  • Coordinate and plan events during National Public Health Week and Public Health in the Rockies Conference
  • Receive a Commitment to Public Health Certificate endorsed by the CPHA President