Meet our 2022-2023 ELC Leadership Team!

The ELC Leadership Team represent and advocate for new or transitioning public health professional's involvement in the CPHA. Delegates engage in CPHA through its main committees in leadership roles to ensure that the new public health professional voice is integrated into all aspects of CPHA. The overall purpose of the Delegate position is to take a combination of approaches in giving early career professionals, nontraditional public health workers, and students solid exposure to the multi-faceted nature of public health.



Samantha Bertomen, Director
Project Manager, Otowi Consulting Group

Samantha is a passionate advocate for accessible, high-quality healthcare - She is continuously in active pursuit of this vision.

Samantha will graduate with a Master’s in Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health in 2023. She currently investigates global health as a Research Assistant for the university’s Department of Community and Behavioral Health. She is also the Associate Director of the Colorado Public Health Association’s Emerging Leaders Committee, where she supports fellow public health professionals. Samantha also serves as the Project Manager for the Otowi Group where she builds relationships with clients and generates solutions to help them effectively serve their communities and provide quality public health services. 

Previously, Samantha was the Community-Based Organizations Coordinator at Tri-County Health Department. Through this position, she built community partnerships, managed funding, and provided resources to support long-term recovery from COVID-19. Prior to moving to Colorado, she worked at a non-profit health insurance company, Blue Shield of California. At Blue Shield, she organized biometric screenings and flu shot events, implemented virtual wellness programs for clients and their employees, and served as a panelist at large nutrition and fitness events.

Samantha aspires to one day apply her skills and experience to supporting foreign health systems and work abroad in countries that may benefit from her assistance.



Jeni Mitchell, Associate Director
Student/ Social & Digital Media Assistant, Colorado School of Public Health

Jeni currently serves as Social and Digital Media Student Assistant for the Colorado School of Public Health in the Office Of Communications and Marketing. In her role, Jeni manages the school's Instagram account, supports in content creation, and website management. In her work, she aims to promote ColoradoSPH as an educational institution and leader in the public health space while also highlighting the school's events and current research.

Jeni earned her bachelor's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition concentrating in Dietetics and Nutrition Management from Colorado State University in 2018. For the last three years, Jeni has been building her marketing skillset while working for a Colorado-based digital marketing agency focusing in marketing coordination, blog and podcast management, and event planning/organization. Jeni is currently pursuing her Master's in Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health and is concentrating her studies in Community and Behavioral Health.


The 2022-23 ELC Delegates have not been selected yet. Please view more information about our delegate opportunities beginning September 5th, and apply on September 19th. 




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