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Emerging Leaders Committee

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our amazing team is the life force behind our work. From organizing networking events to managing social media campaigns, they help us do it all. 

The ELC Leadership Team represent and advocate for new or transitioning public health professional's involvement in the CPHA. Delegates engage in CPHA through its main committees in leadership roles to ensure that the new public health professional voice is integrated into all aspects of CPHA.


The overall purpose of the Delegate position is to take a combination of approaches in giving early career professionals, nontraditional public health workers, and students solid exposure to the multi-faceted nature of public health.

Call for Delegate Applications!


We are looking for delegates to be a part of our team to build a public health movement with the Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA).

As an ELC delegate we expect you to represent the ELC and actively participate in BOTH ELC and a CPHA Committee. The delegates play an important role working with each of the CPHA committees and also serve as a connection point for new emerging leaders who are interested in the ELC and our association. AND at the end of your term you will receive a ELC Delegate certification and LinkedIn badge!


ELC Delegate Expected Time Commitment: 

  1. ~ 2 hours/month: Monthly ELC and CPHA committee meetings

  2. ~ 3 hours/month: ELC events, delegate tasks and projects  


CPHA ELC Delegate Expectations:
The ELC Delegate role is a ten-month commitment. Below are the expectations of the Delegates and the documents required to meet these expectations:

  1. Attend Monthly CPHA Committee Meetings & ELC meetings

  2. Attend ELC events or take an active role in assisting with event planning

  3. Each Delegate will be placed with a mentor outside of the ELC committee to learn more about CPHA, assist with committee related tasks and activities, and gain mentorship for your public health career

  4. Please graphic below for expectations specific to each delegate position.



























ELC Applications

  1. Application Opens: January 9th, 2023

  2. Applications Close: January 24th, 2024

  3. Delegates Announced: January 31, 2024

  4. Year of service February 2024-November 2024



**The Emerging Leaders Committee has a 30 day drop deadline: you have 30 days upon accepting to decline your delegate position. We understand that some things may change in both your personal and professional lives and if you can no longer meet these requirements please let us know immediately.

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