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Lindsey Wyatt

Culture of Data Associate Director

Lindsey obtained her B.S. in Psychology from Colorado State University in 2020  and is a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Public Health’s MPH program in 2022. She has a diverse range of educational, professional, and volunteer experiences that range from clinical patient care, public health, research, and policy. As a Certified Nurse Aide in a Long-term Care Facility, Contact Tracer, and Volunteer Victims’ Advocate, she gained direct, hands-on experience on how the Social Determinants of Health impact overall health and well-being. She believes that health is a fundamental human right that should be fought for. As a result, she is extremely passionate about ensuring that individuals have the capacity to achieve the healthiest version of themselves.

For her MPH Capstone project, she worked as a Policy Intern and Advocate for Mental Health Colorado. During this time, she acted as support staff to the Policy Team where she engaged in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, as well as attended various stakeholder meetings, webinars, advocacy events, and bill hearings. Her time with Mental Health Colorado gave her a firsthand look into one of the most transformational legislative sessions regarding Behavioral Health policy. Finally, the most impactful advice her preceptor had given her was that, “There are many things beyond our control in this world. All we can do is strive to make our little piece of this world a better place for ourselves and others.” Lindsey is committed to this statement and uses it as her guiding light when engaging in this work. In her free time she enjoys being the most extroverted person in her friend group, going to concerts, and being in the sun.

Lindsey Wyatt
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