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Members Only: See Public Health Bills CPHA Is Tracking For 2017

CPHA members can now follow along as our lobbyist and volunteer leaders track bills during the 2017 Colorado General Assembly.

The session began Wednesday, Jan. 11, and continues until May, during which time anywhere from between 500 to 800 bills are expected to be introduced. 

CPHA's legislation tracking system will track public health bills of interest, and it is maintained and updated throughout the day. Our government-affairs professionals at Frontline Public Affairs assign bills to the list as they are introduced.

Not a member? Join here. 




View The Photovoice Challenge Winners

Last month, we invited our social media followers and members to submit stories about the importance of public health to help changemakers understand the potential impacts such actions would have on our communities.  Thank you for your powerful contributions.  

We're proud to announce three talented Photovoice Challenge winners! We've selected Dwayne Smith, one representative TBD at El Paso County Public Health and Zana Pavlovic to receive a year of CPHA individual membership! Learn more about the individual CPHA membership here. Members, to see the gallery of submissions, visit our website here.

Members of Congress have vowed to immediately begin work on legislation to dismantle and repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Repealing the ACA would result in nearly 30 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage and would eliminate the Prevention and Public Health Fund.

We invited our social media followers and members to submit stories about the importance of public health to help change makers understand the potential impacts such actions would have on our communities.  Thank you for your powerful contributions.  We will share these submissions with our legislative delegates.

For more on Prevention and Public Health Funding #KeepPPHF, visit: APHA and US Health and Human Services.


Join Your New Member Circle Now!

Member circles are an exciting new part of the new CPHA website! With these circles you can communicate with other CPHA members, very similar to a Facebook group. You can create your own circle to discuss your special interests or join in the discussion on another circle. There are currently circles for each board committee. If you wish to learn more about what these committees do ask for permission to join by logging into your profile. Next click My Profile. Once there you will be able to create your own circle and invite your connections to participate. These circles can be either public or private. If you wish to join an existing circle use the My Features tab and click Circles. All existing circles are listed under this tab. 

Make use of this new tool and reach out to your fellow members. If you have any questions direct them here


Help Us Take One Billion Steps!

Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your health — and it’s more fun if we do it together. That’s why APHA invites you to participate in the One Billion Steps Challenge. You can create a team and compete with one another or against other teams. When you join you’ll be able to track how many steps you take, see total steps for our team and the collective progress of all teams toward the goal of 1 Billion steps. You can sync your step counting device or enter steps manually if you don’t have a device. So register today, and let’s get walking! We’ll have a lot of fun, improve our heath, and walk more than any other team! Join today!


Thunderclap: 2017 is the Year of Climate Change & Health

APHA has declared 2017 as the Year of Climate Change and Health, which is a great opportunity to promote the health impacts of climate change through social media. Throughout the year, CPHA and APHA will share social media tips and tools to help you and your organizations raise awareness and get mobilized on the diverse climate change challenges that impact our health.

Join APHA’s #ClimateChangesHealth Thunderclap campaign during our Jan. 12 kickoff. Thunderclap is a platform that uses the power of crowds to amplify a single important message. The #ClimateChangesHealth Thunderclap message will go live Jan. 12 at 10 a.m. ET, showing support of climate solutions as the best way to prevent and protect against serious climate effects. Please sign up now! Visit the Thunderclap website to show your support. 

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