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Legislative Update from Frontline Public Affairs: 3.5 Weeks to Go in the 2017 Legislative Session

BUDGET STALEMATE: Two media articles are now reporting what we have known for the last week: The legislature is stuck in a budget stalemate with Senate Republicans asking the House Democrats to move budget bills forward and the House Democrats waiting for the Senate to act on SB267. 

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Long Bill Update From Frontline Public Affairs

Posted: April 12, 2017

Your Frontline Public Affairs team worked hard on the Long Bill over the last two weeks as it moved through the House and the Senate, including a few late nights. We monitor all amendments and discussions that impact our clients’ interests. This year, we were proud to lead an effort to add $8 million in Marijuana Tax Cash Fund (MTCF) for community-based substance use disorder (SUD) services based on the SB16-202 Community Action Plans that prioritized high need services.

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Health Care Update From Frontline Public Affairs!

Posted: March 27, 2017

Well, it looks more and more likely that the last 45ish days of the Colorado Legislative session will have more to do with health care than the first 75 days did. This despite (or maybe because of?) the failure of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in Congress.

Hospital Provider Fee: We are waiting for a pending bill from Senator Sonnenberg to reclassifying the Hospital Provider Fee to reduce the negative impact on rural hospitals. 

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